Thursday, 16 December 2010

Cassini Club at Factory, Manchester!

I got the once in a lifetime opportunity to create a poster for a gig at Fac 251: Factory, Manchester... The pressure was on! I'm not sure how pleased I am with the result, I think I expected it to turn out a little better than this.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

New card designs by Izzie Klingels

I just love these new cards by Izzie Klingels, hopefully soon I will own a few of them and they will take pride of place on my walls! I love them too much to give them away...!

These designs and more are available to buy at her Etsy store, just follow this link:

And follow her Tumblr here:

Monday, 13 December 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

It was my birthday yesterday, and I got some amazing presents... But this one really stood out! I can't bear to eat it, it's too beautiful!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Rok Pool Photography Competition

I've just entered a competition (courtesy of my sister!) that requires photographs from any source of music - live gigs, people busking in the streets, etc. These are the photos I entered, all taken of Cassini Club at different venues:

Dry Bar, Manchester

Dry Bar, Manchester

41 King Street, Blackburn

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Lino Cutting

This was my first attempt at lino cutting - the first image was my first try, and even that turned out better than I expected! I am so impressed with the result as I love the technique, and I will be using it alot more in the future. I decided to come up with a more refined design, so with it being winter I decided on a reindeer - always useful for Christmas cards! I experimented with different surfaces - the acetate and the bronze paper proved to be most successful.

Graphic Novel Style Illustration

This was another quick brief set for my illustration module, however this time we had to used mixed media to illustrate a piece of text we had been given. It had to be a gritty, graphic novel style so I used pen and ink, tracing paper, airbrush techniques, paint and cardboard to create this effect. The text was about a man being trapped inside a psychiatric hospital, with someone constantly hidden inside his head, mocking him.

Ghandi Caricature

This was a quick brief set for my illustration module, where I had a week to decide on a well-known figure and illustrate them as a caricature. I had many ideas so I sketched them out roughly to see who would work best according to features, clothing etc. I didn't expect Ghandi to be my final choice, but when I sketched him the drawing made me laugh so much that I had to choose it!

A bit about me...


Firstly, welcome to my online portfolio - I hope you like what you see. My name is Rebecca - I have studied a National Diploma in Graphic Design, and am currently in my second year at the University Centre at Blackburn College. The course I study there is a BA(Hons) in Design, specialising in Illustration and Animation.

I am a very committed person, and I am very passionate about design despite my age and amount of experience. I avidly collect design/illustration based books (I own around 50), and I read magazines such as Creative Review, Computer Arts and Design Week regularly. I am also a big fan of the Guardian, and read it weekly. I find that these sources really help me creatively, and can be great inspiration for different assigments I may have to complete.

I find influence from many different sources; books, magazines, TV, the internet... even when I'm out and about. My favourite illustrators do change regularly, however at the moment I am really interested in 1960's illustration, such as lifestyle, and book jackets. I am particularly enjoying looking at the work of Brian Sanders and Frank Haselar.

Through studying Graphic Design I was introduced to illustration, and have been excited by it ever since. My ambitions at the moment are to become a freelance illustrator, however I am not sure what area I would like to specialise in. I also like to experiment within animation as I feel that it can really enhance my studies, but I do not like to be too heavily based on this subject. I am hoping that in the near future I will begin my career, creating exciting new outcomes and meeting interesting new people.

Please find a short insight into each piece of work I have displayed below the image.


More sketchbook drawings...

Life Drawing

This is the result of my first ever life drawing class, using conte crayons. I must admit, it looks much better than I anticipated.

These images are from my second class, where paint was introduced. I was forbidden to draw in pencil first, which is something I always do to reassure myself, however I'm quite please with the result. The use of paint was to roughly highlight areas of dark and light.

Sketchbook Drawings

Some examples of my sketchbook work.

Local Band Identity & Promotion

Local band Cassini Club approached me and requested that I design a logo, and several posters for their upcoming gigs. I studied the band whilst on and off stage, and feel like the pieces I provided them with are relevant to their image, style and personality. They have many different influences, and each one of them is different from the next. Their stage performances are lively and energetic, and I feel that the designs I came up with encompass this well.

5 Second Story

The aim of this brief was to communicate something in a five second video. Most of my time during this project was spent planning and storyboarding, until I finally came up with my concept.

Animated Self Portrait

The aim of this project was to create a moving self portrait of any kind. I decided to use stop motion animation, as that wasn't something that was touched on during lessons. I wanted to experiment with this technique to give myself a broader view of animation. I simply assembled the pieces of paper, taking photographs at every step, and assembled them using Apple Motion. I then added music to make it more interesting.

3D Stage Set in Apple Motion

This animation was done during my time at the University Centre at Blackburn College. It was created as an introduction to Apple Motion, and the effects that using three dimensional stages can produce. The brief did not state that any animated characters or audio should be used, however I completed my work before deadline, and used the time to enhance the animation.

Local Hairdresser Logo Commission

This was a commission by a local hairdresser, to produce a bold logo that communicated her profession quickly, to the correct target audience. She was thrilled with the result.

Creativity Works in Business Nomination

In 2009, I was nominated for the Creativity Works in Business award, for the issues of a fanzine that I had created as a self initiated project. It featured interviews with established illustrators such as Izzie Klingels and Dan Mumford, and also featured the work of local art students, articles and images. I was in close contact with Izzie Klingels, and still am today.

Salford University Competition Winning Illustration

This illustration was created from just three simple shapes for a short brief at college. It was then entered by my tutor into a competition hosted by Salford University, and I was invited to attend the awards ceremony as I had won the illustration catagory.


For this brief, I had to come up with a clever and contemporary name for a cafe, and design the packaging that would be used there. During the development stages, I came up with the idea of 'Food Guru' - somewhere that encourages you to eat healthily, but will forgive you if you fancy a sweet treat once in a while. I based my idea on the 'Confuscious Says' theory, and came up with quotes that reflected the cafe's ethos. The logo was devised using simple shapes and colours, and reflects the indian culture, linking to the guru aspect. Each product was carefully considered, and the logo was changed appropriately to suit each; for example, the logo on the curry sauces changed humorously to reflect the heat of the sauce. I feel that I looked at this brief in a different way, as I didn't want to just produce every day packaging that didn't really stand out.

Children's Story Book

During this assignment, I was required to write an effective children's story, illustrate it, and create the book myself. The concept for my story was acheived quite early, and thanks to my young nephews, I had received some useful feedback. The story was about a bird living in the city, who found a shoot growing in the pavement and wanted to help it grow. After much trial and error, I decided I wanted to illustrate this book using three dimensional sets built from paper. This was very time consuming, but also extremely enjoyable. After planning each scene, building and photographing it, I added the type to each layout and printed my pages. After a couple of short lessons in bookbinding, I glued my pages, together with a hard cover, and created a dust cover that suited the theme of the story. This was made from felt, and attached to the book using two poppers on the inside of each cover, making it fully removable. As I finished with a lot of time to spare before the deadline, I decided to create a presentation box and some other items that could go with my story. I created a packet of seeds, a plant pot. some children's gardening tools, and a small stuffed toy.